Scenic Paris Wallpaper
By Rein Nomm


The following copyrighted photos of Paris are provided for your non-commercial use as wallpaper for your computer screen. You can save any or all of these images as wallpaper by moving your mouse over the image and right clicking "set as wallpaper". I welcome your comments or questions by email.

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New Photos

1. Place Duphine and the Seine viewed from the Pont des Arts at sunset.

2. View up the Champs Elysees toward the Arc de Triomphe.

3. House boats docked on the Seine at sunset near the De La Concorde Bridge.

4. The Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg).

5. Notre Dame viewed from the Seine in the late afternoon.

6. The Quai de Orfevres at Place Duphine looking toward the Pont Neuf.

7. The Pont des Arts with the Institute de France in the background.

8. Sunset on the Seine with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower in the background

9. Eiffel Tower & Pont Alexander III seen from the Seine in the late afternoon sun

10. Tuileries boatman and rental sailboats in a late afternoon sun

11. Luxembourg Garden lawn and fountain

12. Arc de Triomphe

13. Place Vendome

14. Mementos of Paris

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